U.K. 2013 

Day 17, Thurs.

September 19, 2013


We ate a nice breakfast and checked out of The Diglis House Hotel in Worchester.  It was a very nice and attractive hotel.  We enjoyed our three day stay in our lovely room and meals in the dining room. A taxi was waiting for us and took us to the train station for our 10:05 train to London which took a little over two hours as it was a local train. We arrived in the Paddington train station, ate a Burger King hamburger and caught a taxi to take us to our apartment which was located on the south bank. It was some distance from Paddington to our apartment, and the traffic was pretty bad.  We understand that people have to pay a fee to drive into the city.

St. Paulís was the first cathedral that we visited on our ten-year quest.  I wrote a long history of St. Paulís for that visit.  Nothing has changed so please refer back to England2003Day1.   Also see my model.

When we were here ten years ago, the interior of St. Paulís was being cleaned and was covered with scaffolding and white cleaning material, and we could not see the beauty of it.  We got audio guides this time. There didnít seem to be tour guides.  It is very expensive to go into St. Paulís - $21.76 US dollars each.   We spent some time there.  Sorry we have no photos but they are not allowed.   We wanted to go somewhere else but it was 4:00 and raining hard so we decided to go back and check into our apartment.

Our apartment is across the river from the main part of London-- on the South bank.  We are on the 6th floor with a wonderful view.  We can also see the big tower on the Parliament building.  We have an attractive large living room, a small kitchen and a large bedroom.  The building is not too old and the furniture is sort of modern.

At 6:30 pm, we walked up the street to meet my friend Philip Charlton at a place he suggested called George Inn.   The George Inn is a 17th century public house, and is London's last remaining galleried inn. In the courtyard before the Inn, there were hundreds of upscale professional 30 something people, hanging out drinking beer.  On one side of the courtyard was a large half timbered inn/pub. Above the Inn, in the background, was the Shard, Londonís newest skyscraper.  What a juxtaposition of images!!

I have corresponded with Phillip for several years.  We first met when he found cathedralquest.com several years ago and began corresponding about paper models. Last year he sent me a gift of several small models.  His wife was in Greece this week.  She usually writes something on Philipís email.  He said he would be carrying a pink bag with pink string handles.   We saw him shortly after we arrived.  The place was very noisy.  We went into the pub, but we couldnít hear each other.  We went back out and sat at one of picnic benches.   There were gas heaters around.  We decided to eat outside so we could talk. In correct pub fashion, you go to the bar and place the order and give your table number.   We all got different kind of seafood dinner. 

We had a delightful visit.  He was very charming.  Then he gave me the pink bag which had several wrapped presents in it.  He gave me six model kits. At one time he managed a craft store and was a distributor of paper models.  He is also a friend of Alain du Bussac whom we visited in Clermont Ferrand, France last year.  I have an old photo of Philip and Alain together.  I was really overwhelmed by Philipís presents.

Philip  lives about a half hour away, and took a train to come into the city. After several hour together, he needed to get home, so we parted. 

It is really fun to meet someone in person that you have written to for a long time.  Tomorrow we have another such experience as we meet my friend Mike Stamper and his wife who are going to give us a tour of London.  Mike is also an avid papermodeler and he, Philip  and Alain know each other. What a small world!

We walked back several blocks to our apartment. We have a wonderful view of the night lights of London across the river. The London Eye (the big ferris wheel) is very visible with its blue lights. 

It was a very good day and we are happy to be in London for several days.



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