U.K. 2013


Day 6, Sunday, September 8

It had turned rather chilly last but had a good night’s sleep with our little electric radiator.  Sometime during the night Kathleen unplugged it because she got hot and didn’t know how to turn it down.  After another good breakfast, we walked about 10 minutes to St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral.

 St. Mary's Cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of Edinburgh and the Scottish Episcopal Church, and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  It is the first large cathedral built in Britain since the Reformation, and one of Scotland's principal monuments of mid-Victorian architecture.  It was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott following a competition in 1872. 



 The construction began in 1874 and was completed in 1917. The style of Scott’s design for the Cathedral was inspired by the early Gothic churches and abbeys of Scotland. He gave it as large a floor space as the site would allow (262' X 131') and made the massive central tower and spire (295') and the twin western spires (196') which can be seen from miles away. The enormous weight of the central tower (over 5,000 tons) is carried on four main pillars .


It was quite beautiful inside. The Cathedral had a long Gothic style interior with pointed arcade arches, a triforium level and the clearstory with stained glass windows.



The reredos behind the altar was a marble relief of the Crucifixion flanked by figures of St. Margaret of Scotland and St. Columba.  It was designed and sculped by Mary Grant of Kilgraston.


The choir was on vacation, but the organ was wonderful. After church we introduced ourselves to the Dean and a young man who is going to be ordained priest the next Sunday.  He preached the sermon this morning.  Several other people spoke to us. 

An older couple started a conversation and very kindly offered to walk us to the train station so we would find our way.   We accepted.

 When we were in Cancun with my daughter and her husband in February, we attended a dinner on the beach.  We met a couple from Edinburgh.  They said their best friend had the same family name as Kathleen, and that he had done considerable genealogical research on the family.  They invited us to visit them and their friends when we came to Edinburgh. 

 Later through correspondence, they invited us to have Sunday lunch with them and their friends.  We took the train to a nearby town, and they met us at the train station and took us to their lovely home.  The friends that they had told us about at the beach were also there.  Dinner consisted of a variety of very tasty local dishes.  We had a wonderful time and appreciate very much their gracious hospitality.  After we ate, we walked over to the other couple's house for an assortment of sweets and tea. 

 We left about 5:30, and our host drove us all the way back to our hotel – about a 20 minute ride.  We have such a good time meeting people on these trips.  We look forward to spending time in London with two friends that I met via cathedralquest.com and papermodelers.com.

About 7:00 we decided that we need to eat something, so we went across the street to McDonalds for a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a McFlurry ice cream.  We came back to pack as our train for York leaves at 10 AM. We have had a wonderful time in Edinburgh.  We have seen lots of interesting sites.  It doesn’t seem possible that we have been almost a week.  Everyone we have met has been very friendly and helpful. 




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