U.K. 2013




We had quite adventure getting to Edinburgh but we are safely here. Yesterday we had a 4:41 flight from Dulles Airport to Newark, New Jersey. It seems there was a very bad storm in Newark and flights were all canceled or delayed. Our flight was delayed two hours which would get us in 10 minutes after our flight to Edinburgh left. United was very helpful in finding another flight on Lufthansa by way of Frankfurt Germany. We had already checked our luggage, and they didn’t know if they would be able to put our luggage on the new flight.

We left Dulles at 6:00 and arrived in Frankfort at 1:30 am EST -7:30 Germany time.  The plane was a huge B747 which hold more than 400 people. When we checked in at the boarding desk, the nice lady said that the only seats were two in the middle of the five seat center section.  We just crawled over a fellow and sat down when the ticket lady came on the plane and said she had found us better seats because someone didn’t show up. The galley is about 3/4 th back in the middle.  We were on the left side of the plane facing the back wall of the galley.  With no seats in front of us, we had a lot of leg room.  They served a nice dinner, and before we landed we had a good light breakfast.  We both got some sleep.

We had to go through customs, then walked for miles to find the gate for Edinburg .  The flight left at noon Germany time.  We had been in the Frankfort airport – which is huge – when we on our trip to Central Europe in 2011. 

 We found the way to the gate via a train.  We decided to have a light breakfast, and then realized that we had no euros.  We had dollars and British pounds.  We had notified our credit card companies that we would be traveling in the UK.  We charged it anyhow. Then Kathleen had forgotten to buy a bottle of water so we waited a while and bought something else to eat and a bottle of water. 

The flight from Frankfurt  to Edinburgh was 1 ˝ hours. We slept all the way.  We were doubtful about our luggage, but we landed we looked any way.  When we stopped at the lost luggage office, they were able to locate them on the computer as being in Newark, and should be on the flight that arrives  tomorrow, and they will bring them to our hotel.  

We took the bus into town to our hotel. It is the Caledonia- Waldorf Astoria – Hilton.  We have a large room on the top floor -5th -with one window with a view of the castle and other historic buildings.  The photo  of the castle isn’t very clear because the window is a little dirty, and they don’t open.

 The hotel will provide us with some toilet articles.  I always carry my pills, a notebook with all of the maps, reservations etc, my laptop, camera, and all the charging wires in my carry-on.  Unfortunately the electric plug converters are in the suit case.  The hotel lent us one.


We had a drink in the beautiful Peacock Alley, which was created using the outer walls of the historic train station and the train hotel.  Then we set off to find an easy inexpensive dinner. 



We walked down the main street which had some great views of the Castle above us on the right.



One fascinating building was the Greek style Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture with its colorful columns.The Academy runs a year-round program of exhibitions, artist opportunities and related educational talks and events which support artist at all stages of their career. The Academy has an extensive collections and archives.


 We found it at Bella Italia, which is a chain, and was charming and reasonable. Kathleen had cannelloni, and I had lasagne.  



Then back to our room to face the reality of having no clean clothes.  We’ll have to ‘improvise’ tomorrow. 







Day 1 -Arrival in Edinburgh

Day 2 - Edinburgh

Day 3- Edinburgh to Inchcolm Abbey

Day 4 - Edinburgh to Melrose & Rosslyn

DAY 5 - Edinburgh   

DAY 6 - Edinburgh

DAY 7 - York  

DAY 8 - Durham

DAY 9 -York 

DAY 10 - Lincoln

DAY 11 -Ely  

DAY 12 - Peterborough

DAY 13 - Cambridge 

DAY 14 - Ely to Worchester  

DAY 15 - Tewkesbury and Gloucester

DAY 16 - Hereford         

DAY l7 - London   

DAY 18 - London  

DAY 19 - London   

DAY 20 - London to Guildford, Chichester, Midhurst

DAY 21 - London      OUR LAST DAY