ENGLAND 2003

    Day 6 , April 10, 2003 - Thursday

    Salisbury to Stonehenge

    We got up at 8: 00 and had breakfast in the hotel courtyard.  They served a cold breakfast as a buffet and then brought us hot plates.   Afterwards we walked to Salisbury Cathedral and went in the bookstore.  We bought two of Susan Howatch’s books.   We had read several of them at the time (we now have read all of them).  The  six books, the Starbridge Series, is a fictitious family saga about the clergy of  the Diocese of Starbridge which closely resembles Salisbury Cathedral.   Susan Howatch lived across from the cathedral on the Cathedral Close as she wrote them.  The two books we bought had beautiful covers, not available in the US.  We also bought a Celtic cross and an Irish Blessing tile.

    After walking around the cathedral for a while, we attended the morning Eucharist which was held in the Morning Chapel.  The service was from the 1662 Prayer Book.


    We walked over to the Salisbury Museum where the story of Stonehenge and Salisbury was depicted.  We had lunch in the museum tea room.  The sandwiches were great – prawns, avocado, mayo, and crispy bacon and avocado.  We took the books back to the hotel and went to the bus station to catch the bus to Stonehenge.  Our original plan was to go to Winchester Cathedral.  This was the only English cathedral that we had written to that would not give us a private tour plus we felt that we didn’t have enough time to see it like we wanted to, so we chose Stonehenge instead.


    We got the next to the last bus (2 pm) for the day.  We sat upstairs on the bus. On the way to Stonehenge, we saw Old Sarum.  There was a wonderful view of all of the plains from Stonehenge. 


    Stonehenge is most impressive.  There are countless books written on Stonehenge along with many theories about its purpose and origination.  I will leave this investigation to you.  We had an audio tour which gave us good information about what we were viewing.  It was truly a moving experience to try to imagine how all of these stones got to the site, much less how those who built Stonehenge were able to place the huge stones on top of one another.   The weather was bitterly cold and windy with some snowflakes.   It was just too uncomfortable to stay outside and listen to all the narration.   We are glad that we had the opportunity to see it.


    We found a nice restaurant in town, Harpers.  It has been on the second floor of a building overlooking the Market Square for more than 20 years. We had cod and smushy peas (as listed on the menu!) with mint and pork sausage with leeks.  For dessert a lemon treacle tart with cream.  It was an enjoyable meal and the price was right.

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