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    This Bibliography was last updated in 2012.  Recent additions will be added soon.

    Note: The following books on Medieval church architecture and Medieval History are in my personal library. There are 1000’s of other books that are equally as informative.


    At the end of this list you will find a list of related historic novels plus my favorite Medieval Mystery Series.




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    A few of my favorite from my library


    Cornwell, Bernard, The Grail Quest Series, The Saxon Novels 1300’s and earlier


    Falcones, Ildefonso, Cathedral of the Sea,  1st century -Barcelonia


    Follett, Ken - The Pillars of the Earth --1100’sWorld Without End—1300’s


    Howatch, Susan -  Church of England Novels   1900’s (in order)


    Lenoir, Frederic –The Angel’s Promise (Monte St. Michel)


    Penman, Sharon Kay, 13th century novels about kings – Richard III, John, Henry III, and Edward ;  A trilogy about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine


    Reade, Charles, The Cloister and the Hearth A Tale of the Middle Ages


    Rutherfurd, Edward  Sarum ( Salisbury )


    Schantzing, Frank, Death and the Devil, (building of Cologne Cathedral)


    Trollop, Anthony,  The Barset Novels  1800’s






    I love all of these…….


    Clare, Alys, The Hawkenlyne Mysteries (1100’s England and France)


    Clynes, Michael (Paul Doherty) Sir Roger Shallot Mysteries (early 1500’s England)


    Davis, Lindsay, Marcus Didius Falco, ( lst century Rome)


    Eco, Umberto, The Name of the Rose, (1327- Italy)


    Franklin, Ariana, The Mistress of the Art of Death – (1170’s England)


    Frazer, Margaret, Dame Frevisse Tales (1430 England)


    Gellis, Roberta, The Roselynde Chronicles, (1200’s England)


    Gordon, Alan, The Fools Guild, (1200’s England)


    Gregory, Susan, Matthew Bartholomew Series, (1300’s England)


    Guillou, Jan, The Crusades Trilogy,(1100’s –Sweden)


    Harding, Paul (Doherty, P.C). ,Sorrowful Mysteries of Brothern Athelstan (1370’s- England


    Haft, White and White, The Key to “The Name of the Rose” ,The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1999


    Jecks, Michael, The Knights Templar Mysteries  (1300’s England)


    Marston, Edward, The Doomsday Series, (1080’s England)


    Moore, Viviane, Chevailier Galeran Mysteries (1145- France)


    Newman, Sharan, Catherine Levendeur Mysteries (12th century France)


    Pargeter, Edith, The Brothers of Gwynedd (1228 – Wales)


    Penman, Sharon Kay, The Queen’s Man, Cruel as the Grave, Dragon’s Lair, Prince of Darkness ( 12th century – England)


    Peters, Ellis, Brother Cadfael Mysteries (12th century- England)


    Robb, Candance, The Owen Archer Mysteries (1360’s – York, England)


    Roe, Caroline, The Issac of Girona Series, 1550’s –Spain)


    Tremayne, Peter, The Sister Fidelma Mysteries, (600’s - Ireland