• GERMANY 2007

    Day  11

    FRIDAY, June 1



    We slept late. It was raining.  After breakfast I went to the post office to buy one stamp and mail our postcards.  The rain continued so we sat in our room for a while.   When it slackened, we went to laundry to get our clothes. We figured our lack of being able to communicate got our clothes washed in very hot water with the whites and colored together.  Don’t tell anyone but I still have some “pink” underwear!!!


    We then decided to take a boat ride to Bregenz in Austria, even though it was raining.  I ran back to the room to get our passports-which no one asked to see, but better to have them.  The rain was such a disappointment because we knew how beautiful the town was without the rain!  The trip to Bergenz took about 20 minutes, and was fun.  We tried walking around a bit, but couldn’t find anything that seemed very interesting.  We did find a little Italian café for lunch - Italy to the rescue!  I had spaghetti and meatballs and my wife had spaghetti carbonara.   


     The rain stopped for a while and then started again very hard.  We only had our broken orange umbrella so we bought two new small umbrellas in a nice little shop.  The saleslady disposed of our old one. We found a nice café where we had coffee and a sweet.   We walked back to the ferry port and caught the 4:00 ferry back to Lindau. 

     We went to our hotel and took a nap. Photo on right Lindau shore on return trip. The large red building is our hotel.

     We decide to eat in the hotel dining room.    We didn’t write down what we ate, but we remember it was good.

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