SEPTEMBER 1 to 23

    For our eighth Cathedral Quest adventure, we decided to go to Central Europe to visit Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Kunta Hora, Budapest, Vienna, Melk Abby and Salzburg.  Two out of our past seven adventures had been on a Globus Tour.  Even though we enjoyed our Spain 2009 trip, we missed many of the cathedrals and churches that we were told that we would see, our hotels were often too far from the center of town, and we ate mostly prearranged hotel dinners.   We went when the bus went whether we were ready or not.  We had been successful in the five trips that we planned on our own, so we decided to plan our own trip again this year.

    My wife spent many hours on the computer finding us lovely apartments and hotels, booking tours of special buildings like the Reichstag in Berlin, the Parliament building in Budapest, concerts and operas plus a number of fine restaurants.   We strongly suggest making reservations well in advance.  Except for our first trip to England in 2003, we had rented a car and driven.  Our investigation found that this was not practical or economically wise as we were going in and out of five different countries.  We decided to take the train from city to city.  By booking early we were able to get reduced rates.  The trains worked out very well.  Each city had a variety of transportation options so a car was really not necessary.

    Last year we bought a Toshiba netbook for a domestic vacation.  It was a great and inexpensive investment.  Every night on this trip, we wrote a summary of our day’s adventure along with five or six photos taken that day and emailed it to our families.  This was the basis of our daily journal.  We saved a copy of the letter in Word and embellished it.  When we got home we were able to fill in histories and other details for publication on www.cathedralquest.com.  With so much of the writing already done, we hope to have the entire trip on the website in the near future. In reality it has taken over three month to place this trip on the internet.

     I was using a 4G card in my camera and each night I downloaded the photos into Picsa.  To protect my journal entries and photos, I saved them daily to a finger drive which I carried with me in case something happened to the computer.  It pays to be careful with photos and data.

      We visited 39 cathedrals and churches, several castles and palaces and took 2237 photos. As always, I keep a list of the photos that I take each day.  I highly recommend this practice.

    We had a great trip.  It was a fascinating part of the world, with much history, beautiful churches and other buildings, and delicious food.

    Below is the list of each day of this Cathedral Quest.  I hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures.  As in the other trips, we have included not only the churches that we visiting, but something of their history and architecture.  We have photos, histories, and stories of other historic sights that we visited plus where we stayed, ate, and what we had for dinner.

    I have made models of a number of places that we visited.  Please click on the included links to see the models.  I still have a number of models to make of other churches and buildings.  Under "Church Models" there is link to all the models I have made and kits of models that I will make in the future.

    Day 1 - Berlin

    Day 2 - Berlin

    Day 3 - Berlin

    Day 4 - Berlin

    Day 5 - Berlin - Potsdam

    Day 6 - Dresden

    Day 7 - Dresden

    Day 8 - Prague

    Day 9 - Prague - Kutna Hora

    Day 10 - Prague

    Day 11 - Brno

    Day 12 - Budapest

    Day 13 - Budapest

    Day 14 - Budapest

    Day 15 - Vienna

    Day 16 - Vienna

    Day 17 - Vienna - Melk Abbey

    Day 18 - Vienna

    Day 19 - Salzburg

    Day 20 - Salzburg

    Day 21 - Salzburg